Breed: Andalusian
Date of Birth:
Color: Black

Owner: Jdon Farms
Registry: IALHA #1093(S)
PRE #21EU015
Country of Origin: Mexico
         "Genio III"  -  Black Andalusian Stallion
"Genio III" Bred in Spain, born in Mexico and residing in the United States, Genio; an incredibly beautiful, black, Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion, is a superb example of the Pura Raza Espaņola. Genio
is a 16.3 hand, blue black stallion with a small white star.               
     He has a long elegant neck rising high out of his wide, muscular chest and he looks at you with beautiful, perfect triangular eyes. His coat is fine, shiny and always silky to touch. He is a fabulous stallion, proven to stamp himself on his foals over and over again. Genio has made a mark for himself on Spanish horses being bred here in the United States, and his fame is spreading. Genio is the first U.S. Andalusian stallion, that we know of, to have one of his American born offspring exported to Europe, for breeding purposes.
"SPLASH DANCE"  /  painting of "Genio III"
"SPLASH DANCE"  ...  used w/ permission
Lesley Harrison / Harrison-Keller Fine Art 

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